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10.09695-Frogtime-Bath inserts Mini-Mats-green
Frogtime Bath inserts Mini-Mats green

PVC-geschäumt/Mousse PVC Schiuma PVC/PVC-Foamed/06


10.09695 - GREEN - 12,0 x 11,0 cm
  • Easy-care Cycle

Our bath inserts are equipped with numerous strong suction cups. Anti-slip designs and specific surface treatments ensure a safe footing.

  • Wash at 30° C with mild detergent and delicate cycle. In case you use fatty soaps and cosmetics, more frequent washing is recommended.
  • Low spin cycle is necessary


For a safe footing:
  • Moisten clean tub bottom with water.
  • Push down suction cups firmly, starting from the inner ones and continuing outwards.
  • Check if bath insert is firmly in place before entering.
  • Rinse bath insert with water after use.
  • Hang up to dry (avoid radiators and direct sunlight).


The smell of new PVC can be reduced by soaking the bath inserts in mild soap suds. Rinse with warm water and, if needed, dry in the open air.



Porous surfaces of older bath tubs and shower trays can affect the adhesive power. To avoid slipping, do not use oil-based cosmetics.
Mix bath additives with the flowing water only after attaching the bath insert safely.

Brand : Spirella
Article No. : 10.09695
Product Group > Usage : Bath Inserts
Collection Name : Frogtime
Special Collection : No
Name : Frogtime
Variation : Bath inserts Mini-Mats
Material : PVC
Color : green
Color Group : grün
Length : 11,0
Width : 12,0
Package Length : 19,0
Package Width : 15,0
Package Height : 4,0
Weight : 0.141
Unit of Sales : 1
Package Content : 6
EAN# : 7610583096951
Collection Year : 2007
AS/400 Image Path : \\HMMFS01\hmm01\db-main\opasdata\d120001\medias\images\Frogtime_green.tif

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